Boulogne Fishmarket (1886)

Medium: watercolour

Size: 11.5 x 16.5 inches

Exhibited: RA, 1922 – Exhibition of Works by Recently Deceased Members of the Royal Academy

Current owner: Private collection

This picture was owned in 1922 by Reginald Gurney Esq. In 1938 it was purchased by a private owner from Sidney J. Starr, a dealer and auctioneer from Norwich, together with another watercolour called ‘River Scene with Ruins’, for a total outlay of £6 6 shillings. The receipt for the 1938 purchase does not confirm the names of the artists of the two pictures, but gives the title as ‘Boulogne Fishmarket’.

The watercolour appears to be an exact copy of the scene depicted in Fish Market, Rouen (1884), though the signature and date (‘E. Crowe, 1886’) makes it clear that this version was created separately from the Royal Academy oil of two years previously.

3 Responses to Boulogne Fishmarket (1886)

  1. Julie Young says:

    Good morning, I think my husband owns this watercolour. He was given it by his mother many moons ago. She would have bought it in Norfolk we presume as that is where she lived at the time. I have just dropped it off for restoration at Simon Blackwood Fine Arts near Hawick and he e-mailed me details of your website. The painting is signed and dated 1886. The size matches exactly. We always thought it was a French scene due to the clothing. I will send you a picture if you give me an e-mail address. Kind regards.

    • Kathryn Summerwill says:

      Hello Julie, what an exciting comment to receive! I am so pleased that the watercolour is in good hands. I would love to see a picture – please send to my email All the best, Kathryn

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