Sir Brian Crowe (1938-2020)

Today is, sadly, the first anniversary of the death of Sir Brian Crowe. He was a great-great nephew of Eyre Crowe, being descended from Eyre Crowe’s brother Sir Joseph Archer Crowe. Brian followed his father, grandfather and great-grandfather in pursuing a career in diplomacy. He had a great sense of history, and enabled myself and other researchers to discover more about his family by donating his collection of papers relating to his grandfather, Sir Eyre A. Crowe (1864-1925) to the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford. He also gave a series of drawings and correspondence of Eyre Crowe to the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

I was privileged enough to meet Brian and his late wife Virginia on two occasions. He was extremely interested in my work to discover more about the artist Eyre Crowe, and I am very grateful for his kind support.

An obituary published in The Guardian is free to view (The Times also published an obituary, but it is behind a paywall), and well worth a read to discover more about his life and work.

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