Searching the Royal Academy Collections

The Royal Academy’s collection of works of art, books, archives and exhibition catalogues can be searched online. There aren’t many results for Eyre Crowe – just some photographs – but a new series of catalogues of winter and special exhibitions has just been added to the database, and reveals that five of Eyre Crowe’s works were shown in the 1922 exhibition of Works by Recently Deceased Members of the Royal Academy:

Only the first of these works were previously known to me.

2 Responses to Searching the Royal Academy Collections

  1. Brian Crowe says:

    Dear Kathryn,

    Thanks for this. I haven’t seen the portrait of Joseph Archer Crowe and would like to, he is after all my great grandfather. But when I click on the link to it (or any of the other four you have found in the RA collection of works by deceased members exhibited in 1922), I get your page with the description but no picture. With the interesting nude I do get the picture. Can you refer me to a link which will produce the actual portrait?

    Yours Brian

    • Kathryn Summerwill says:

      Dear Brian,
      I add images where I have them – such as the nude, which was from the recent auction catalogue and can be found online. The information about the 1922 exhibition was taken from scanned copies of the exhibition catalogue on the RA website, but sadly the details weren’t accompanied by any images. I have been surprised not to find an image of the 1891 portrait of Sir Joseph Archer Crowe, as it was exhibited in the main RA Summer Exhibition, and such pictures were usually reproduced in contemporary publications such as the annual ‘RA Pictures’. But it wasn’t, and as it was lent to the exhibition in 1922 by Joseph’s eldest son, it would seem to have gone into private ownership from the start. I’m sorry not to be able to point you to a link.
      Best wishes,

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