Pictures of the 1840s

Eyre Crowe’s earliest known works date from his late teenage years and from his trip to Rome with his master Paul Delaroche in 1843-1844. In 1846 he exhibited his first work at the Royal Academy summer exhibition.

Browse the hyperlinked titles below to see more information about Eyre Crowe’s pictures from the 1840s. Where there is no hyperlink, no more details are known.

  • Vegetable Market at Frankfurt (1843). Medium: Pencil drawing
  • Roman Peasant Woman, Seated (1843). Medium: Pencil and red and black chalk drawing
  • San Paolo alle tre Fontane (1844). Medium: ink drawing. Size: 21½ x 28 cm. This drawing was auctioned in 1996.
  • Capo le Case, Rome (1844). Medium: painted sketch
  • William Makepeace Thackeray / Self-portrait [?] (1845). Medium: watercolour
  • William Makepeace Thackeray sketch (1845). Medium: pen and ink sketch
  • Boulogne sur Mer (1846). Medium: pencil drawing. Current owner: Tate Gallery, London
  • Master Prynne Searching Archbishop Laud’s Pockets in the Tower (1846). Medium: oil
  • Tower of London – Inside and Outside Views (1846). Medium: pencil drawing. Size: 5 x 6 inches; and 3.5 x 6 inches. Offered on Ebay in Sep 2005 by Raye Dean Gilbert, Fine Art Dealers
  • Copy portrait of Louis XIII (1846). Medium: pencil drawing
  • Life drawing of a standing female nude (1846). Medium: pencil and charcoal
  • The Battle of Agincourt (1847). Medium: cartoon in oil
  • Boulogne Girl Knitting (1848). Medium: oil. Exhibited: Royal Academy, 1848
  • Dante and Beatrice (1848). Medium: oil
  • Luther (1848). Medium: oil. Crowe mentioned this work and its rejection from the Royal Academy exhibition on 1848 in one of his diaries.
  • Portrait of a Girl (1848). Medium: pencil. Size: 21½ x 18 cm. This drawing was put up for auction in 2001.
  • The Roman Carnival (1848). Medium: oil. Exhibited: Royal Academy, 1848
  • Holbein drawing the Infant Son of Henry VII and his Nurse, Mother Jack (1849). Medium: oil. Exhibited: Royal Academy, 1849
  • Self-portrait as a young man (n.d., 1840s?). According to the Dictionary of National Biography (1912), this picture was owned by Eyre Crowe’s half-sister in Paris

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