A Sheep-Shearing Match (1875)

'A Sheep-Shearing Match' by Eyre Crowe (1875)

'A Sheep-Shearing Match' by Eyre Crowe (1875)

Medium: oil

Size: 37 x 82½ cm

Exhibited: Royal Academy, 1875

Current owner: National Gallery of Victoria, Australia

The painting was sold by Sotheby’s on 25 Aug 1998 for 80,000 Australian dollars. It was auctioned again in 2001, and the following year was presented through the NGV Foundation by Ms Deidre Cowan, Governor, to the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia.

Athenaeum, 1 May 1875:

It is one of the most carefully and conscientiously executed pictures of the year, giving a scene under a tent in bright sunlight, with beautifully drawn and solidly painted figures, all designed with first-rate spirit. The sheep are worthy of our English Meissonier, as Mr. Crowe has, not inappropriately, been styled.

The Times, 15 May 1875:

Mr. Eyre Crowe’s ‘Sheep-Shearing Match’ is one of the series of pictures of paintable subjects from actual life to which this painter has, laudably, of late devoted himself, and so deserved the thanks due to all who honestly delineate, with adequate skill, the things about them, without even travelling for picturesque subjects.

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