For sale – ‘Hauling the Boat Ashore’ (1871)

August 2, 2022
‘Hauling the boat ashore – coast of France’ by Eyre Crowe (1871)

Your chance to buy an oil painting by Eyre Crowe!

Hauling the boat ashore – coast of France‘, a stunning painting completed in 1871, is to be sold at auction by Atkins Auctions at Axminster, Devon, on Friday 5 August. It appears always to have been in private hands and to my knowledge, never exhibited. Showing a group of women believed to be in traditional Breton costume, pulling a wooden boat out of the water, it is one of a number of paintings by Eyre Crowe inspired by his regular trips to northern France.

Pulling the boat ashore

May 19, 2010

'Pulling the boat ashore' by Eyre Crowe, 1871

'Pulling the boat ashore' by Eyre Crowe, 1871

A private owner has let me know about a painting in his possession, thought to be by Eyre Crowe and dating from 1871. Pulling the boat ashore seems to show a group of Breton women pulling a fishing boat onto a beach. The composition of the picture, with multiple characters arranged in a line, is very reminiscent of other paintings by Crowe, including At the pit-door (1873)  The Dinner Hour, Wigan (1874), and Nelson Leaving England for the Last Time (1888).