Military Honours (1889)

Military Honours (1889)

Military Honours (1889) (c) The Gordon Highlanders Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Medium: oil

Size: 163 x 247½ cm

Exhibited: Royal Academy, 1889

Current owners: The Gordon Highlanders Museum

Crowe spent a number of months at the end of 1888 and the beginning of 1889 in Scotland. The figures in ‘Military Honours’ were drawn from life from a number of soldiers of the Highland Regiment who sat for him in Aberdeen in the first weeks of 1889.

The painting was presented to the Regiment by Lady Dixon-Hartland in 1987.

‘Musical pictures of the year’, The Musical World, 25 May 1889:

There are quite a cluster of musical pictures on the left wall of Gallery VII. “Military Honours” by “that Eyre Crowe”, introduces the pipers (luckily these are dumb!) and the drums…

Pall Mall Gazette, 7 June 1889:

Soldiers funeral kilted Regiment. Shocking bad calves the soldiers show – an Insult to Scotland.

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