Bairn’s Play (1885)

Medium: oil

Exhibited: Royal Academy, 1885

Original caption: ‘The babe had all that infant care beguiles, etc.’

Athenaeum, 11 April 1885:

Mr. Eyre Crowe has finished, and will probably send to the Royal Academy … ‘A Little Fish’, a buxom young mother, the wife of a Normandy fisherman, sitting at the door of a cottage, amid the implements of her husband’s craft-nets, oars &c., – and nursing a gleeful baby.

Athenaeum, 13 June 1885:

Mr. Eyre Crowe’s Bairns Play (451) we have already described as representing a French fisherman’s wife and her offspring at a cottage door. Let us now praise the spontaneity of its design, the pretty and natural actions of the figures. The painting, however, is heavy and opaque. Improvement in these respects would add to the attractions of a picture which we greatly prefer to the artist’s Honeymoon in Normandy (780).

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