Arithmetic: Red Maids’ School, Bristol (1887)

Medium: oil

Exhibited: Royal Academy, 1887

Athenaeum, 28 May 1887:

… slightly rough and opaque is Arithmetic (800), an illustration of life in the Red Maids’ School at Bristol, where Mr. E. Crowe previously found a good subject. The animated and highly expressive faces of the girls in red gowns and white capes are well placed in the warm and well-lit interior of the room.

Illustrated London News, 30 May 1887:

… such pleasant contributions as … Mr. Eyre Crowe’s ‘Arithmetic’ (800) which, however, recalls somewhat too vividly a previously exhibited reminiscence of the Red Maids’ School at Bristol. [Darning Day: Red Maids’ School, Bristol, in 1876]

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