Out of School (1872)

Medium: oil

Size: 16 x 22 inches

Exhibited: Royal Academy, 1872

Athenaeum, 25 May 1872:

‘Out of School’ (569) is complementary to ‘Bob-Cherry’: it shows the quadrangle of the great school, with boys variously engaged, – one, reclining on a bench, reads; another, likewise on the bench, ‘ciphers’; a third, in a playful mood, incites them to join him in a game. It has the merits of ‘Bob-Cherry’, together with warmer colour.

The Times, 5 June 1872:

Painted biography and history are likely to prove less popular, as we have no doubt Mr. E. Crowe can tell us, than these pleasant little pictures of Bluecoat boys at their sports, with their blue skirts tucked up for bob-cherry (214), or those studious Grecians over their books (569), proof against the temptations of singlestick, even in play hours.

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