Handing the Brush (1875)

Medium: oil

Exhibited: Royal Academy, 1875

Athenaeum, 1 May 1875:

… a scene outside the gates of a park. A huntsman offers to a lady seated in a waggonette the spoil of the hunt – a fox’s tail. This is, probably, a group of portraits. The subject is certainly not a fortunate one for an artist of ability. We fancy the bright brown horse in the centre is a little too thin, both as to its contours and its painting. But the picture is brightly and, generally, solidly painted.

Field, 8 May 1875:

Mr Eyre Crowe’s ‘Handing the Brush’ is a flashy theatrical affair with little or no feeling for sport in its treatment.

Illustrated London News, 15 May 1875:

… another hunting-subject, ‘Handing the Brush’ (385), by Eyre Crowe, which, on account of its comparative freedom from hardness, we prefer to the artist’s more elaborate efforts.

The Saturday Review, 12 June 1875:

Favourable examples of Mr Crowe’s latest phase are ‘Handing the Brush’ (385) and ‘The French Savants in Egypt, 1798’ (831). The artist’s keen pencil always stings with satire.

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