Bridal Procession at St. Maclou, Rouen (1877)

Medium: oil

Exhibited: Royal Academy, 1877

The Academy, 14 April 1877:

Mr Eyre Crowe A.R.A. will exhibit, we find, at the Royal Academy, the four works which have recently occupied him, of which one is a quite important work and the rest small cabinet pictures. Mr Eyre Crowe has been to Rouen, and has turned to very various account his studies in the churches there… A second picture – the first of the small ones – represents, with a good eye for the comedy of common life, a little wedding-procession that has already “passed before the Maire,” and now is on its way to seek religious blessing… Mr Crowe is very much to be congratulated on a series of works of which all are marked by excellent skill, and one by high power.

Athenaeum, 26 May 1877:

Mr. Crowe’s Bridal Procession at St.Maclou, Rouen (389) exhibits the same technical characteristics [as Prayer], but though less agreeable, it has abundence of light, and there is a truly spontaneous sense of humour in the face and air of the big Suisse who marches before the newly-wedded folks. The choice of this subject was surely a mistake on Mr. Crowe’s part, whose ‘serious’ character needs better themes, and fails in trivial ones.

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