Robespierre Looking at the Guillotine Carts Passing (1867)

'Robespierre watching his victims' by Eyre Crowe (1867)

‘Robespierre watching his victims’ by Eyre Crowe (1867)

Medium: oil

Size: 13.7 x 10.5 inches (34.9 x 26.7cm)

Exhibited: Dudley Gallery, 1867

This painting was exhibited by Crowe at the first annual exhibition of cabinet oil paintings at the Dudley Gallery in the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, in November and December 1867. According to Crowe’s diary entries in January 1868, it was part-exchanged with a painting by another exhibitor, a Dutchman named Mr Drommersen, with Drommersen paying Crowe £29 for the difference in value between the two pictures.

It is perhaps the same painting which was auctioned, as ‘Robespierre watching his victims’, at Sotheby’s in New York on 24 November 1987, reaching US $2,000.

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