A Scene at the Mitre: Dr Johnson, Boswell, Goldsmith (1857)

Copy of 'A Scene at the Mitre' by Eyre Crowe (1857), published in The Bookman, September 1909

Copy of ‘A Scene at the Mitre’ by Eyre Crowe (1857), published in The Bookman, September 1909

Medium: oil

Exhibited: Royal Academy, 1857

It is not known who first purchased this picture, but it was bought in by Christie’s auction house from Hayward and Leggatt on 7 December 1864 for £38 17s 0d. It was then sold to John Knowles. It was auctioned again by Christie’s on 7 April 1865, and sold to the art dealers Messrs Agnew for engraving purposes for £79 9s 0d.

The Reader, December 1864:

The Hayward and Leggatt Gallery. Some few months ago the public were startled by the account of the death of Mr. Leggatt, the eminent picture-dealer of Cornhill, which was occasioned by his swallowing a large iron nail in some soup supplied at the refreshment-room of the Rugby station. In consequence of his death, the above gallery, part of the stock-in trade of the firm of which he was a partner, was dispersed under the hammer of Messrs. Christie, Manson and Woods at the Gallery in Change Alley, Cornhill, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week … 281, Eyre Crowe – Dr Johnson, Boswell and Goldsmith at the Mitre Tavern supping together, 24 in by 19 in, the engraved picture, 37 guineas

It was auctioned again at Sotheby’s on 4 June 1969, but its current ownership is unknown.

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