Date Crowe’s life Major paintings
1824 Crowe born on 3 October at 141 Sloane Street, London
1826 Crowe family moves to La Capelle, near Boulogne
1827/8 Crowe family moves to Paris
1839 Enrols as pupil in Paul Delaroche’s atelier
1843 Travels to Rome with Delaroche. Meets Jean-Léon Gérôme
1844 Returns to London
1845 Begins working for W M Thackeray. Accepted as student in the Royal Academy Schools
1846 Master Prynne searching Archbishop Laud’s pockets in the Tower, first RA exhibit
1847 Participates in competition for decoration of Houses of Parliament
1849 Works with Thackeray on Louis Marvy’s Sketches after English Landscape Painters
1851-1852 Becomes art critic on the Daily News. Works with Thackeray on Esmond.
1852-1853 Goes to America with Thackeray as his secretary
1853 Mother dies in Paris
1854 A Slave Sale in Charleston, South Carolina; and After the Sale: Slaves going South
1856 Returns to London Boswell’s Introduction to the Literary Club, sold to art dealer Mr Gambart
c.1858 Joins the Hogarth Club
1859 Begins working as art inspector for the Department of Science and Art
1861 Joins the Reform Club Slaves Waiting for Sale – Richmond, Virginia
1862 De Foe in the Pillory, sold for £400 on first day of exhibition. International Exhibition, London: Pope’s Introduction to Dryden (1858) exhibited
1863 Founder member of the United Arts Club Produces cartoons for mosaics to decorate South Court of South Kensington Museum. Brick Court, Middle Temple, April 1774
1864 ‘Honorary member’ of the St John’s Wood Clique. Photographed by David Wilkie Wynfield Luther Posting his Theses on the Church Door of Wittenburg
1867 Exhibits at the inaugural exhibition of cabinet paintings in oil at the Dudley Gallery. Appointed as an Art Referee at the South Kensington Museum
1868 Father dies Produces lunette for decoration of Competition Gallery in South Kensington Museum. Mary Stuart, February 8th 1586
1869 Shinglers
1870-1871 Gérôme stays with Crowe in London during the siege of Paris Friends
1872 First recorded Royal Academy election involving Crowe Tiff
1874 The Dinner Hour, Wigan
1875 A Sheep-Shearing Match; and The French Savants in Egypt, 1798
1876 Elected Associate of the Royal Academy (ARA)
1877 Sanctuary
1881 Begins work as examiner of students’ artwork at South Kensington ‘Sandwiches’; and Explosion at the Cashmere Gate at Delhi, Sept. 14, 1857
1885 Participates in debate in The Times over nudity in art
1887 Convicts at Work, Portsmouth
1888-1889 Spends autumn and winter in Aberdeen Nelson Leaving England for the Last Time
1891 The Founder of English Astronomy
1893 With Thackeray in America published
1894 Most spring inspecting trips ceased The Brigs of Ayr
1895 Thomas Carlyle Looking at the Duke of Buccleuch’s Miniatures
1897 Thackeray’s Haunts and Homes published Trial for Bigamy
1898 James II at La Hogue, May 1692
1899 Last sibling, Eugenie, dies
1900 Last autumn inspecting trip
1907 Last year of examining work at South Kensington
1908 Mendelssohn – last exhibit at RA
1910 Retired from the Royal Academy. Died on 12 December. Buried at Kensal Green cemetery on 15 December

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