Landscape with Stream and Figures – the Lovers (1880)

Landscape with stream and figures - The Lovers (1880.)

Landscape with stream and figures – The Lovers (1880)

This oil painting on canvas has recently come to light after being in private ownership for at least 50 years. The previous owner was a world traveller and the estate contained many fine pieces – Meissen, Lalique, etc. along with other original art work.

It is a large picture – 38 x 48 inches, untitled, but signed and dated 1880. From its subject matter and size, is quite likely to be ‘Landscape with stream and figures – The Lovers’, which was sold at auction by Messrs Furber at 77 Chancery Lane, London, on 22 February 1911. This auction was a sale of Eyre Crowe’s remaining works after his death. Many of the pictures were sold for just a few shillings, indicating that most were sketches in pen or oil. However, ‘The Lovers’ sold for £1, indicating that the picture was relatively finished.

The canvas that Crowe used was bought in France – this fits with what is known of Crowe’s usual purchases of artist’s supplies.

The family of the owner are looking to sell this painting – please contact me if you are interested and I can pass your details on.

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