Landscape with stream and figures – The Lovers / Courting (1880)


‘Courting’ by Eyre Crowe A.R.A. (1880)

Medium: oil on canvas

Size: 35 x 46 inches (1911 measurement) / 38 x 48 inches (2015 measurement)

Current owner: Private owner

This painting came to light in 2015 after being in private ownership for at least 50 years. The previous owner was a world traveller and the estate contained many fine pieces – Meissen, Lalique, etc. along with other original art work.

It is untitled, but signed and dated at lower left: ‘E. Crowe A.R.A. / 1880’. From its subject matter and size, is quite likely to be ‘Landscape with stream and figures – The Lovers’, which was sold at auction by Messrs Furber, as part of a sale of Eyre Crowe’s remaining works, after his death. The auction took place in London on 22 February 1911 and ‘The Lovers’ sold for £1, which was a relatively large sum compared to other works sold at the same time, indicating that the picture was finished.

The canvas that Crowe used was bought in France – this fits with what is known of Crowe’s usual purchases of artist’s supplies.

The painting was auctioned under the name ‘Courting’ in the Fine and Decorative Arts sale by Heritage Auctions on 17-18 Sep 2016 in Dallas, Texas (Lot 61504).


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